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What causes cucumbers to start looking more like squash instead of cucumbers? I'm suspecting the high heat and difficulty in keeping them watered adequately, but I'd like to be certain.



I dont have the answer but thought I'd just say that my cucumbers were superb last year, rubbish this year. I grow 'Swing' American F1, bit pricey but wonderful produce, guess the hot climate this year in the polyT was too much despite copious watering. However, the courgettes outside are throwing themselves at me when I walk by !!!??? Think I will do some serious 'How to' reading up this Winter .

2 Aug, 2010


I'm curious as to what you mean by "looking like squash", Drobe? When cucumbers get old, some kinds can get really huge, looking like green or yellow banana squash, rather than cukes--but that usually means that they turned tough and bitter long ago

3 Aug, 2010


Is it a variety that is supposed to be round. I have lived in Bangladesh for some years and they have round shaped cucmbers and very tasty too.

3 Aug, 2010

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