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last year i had gardeners delight cherry tom plants .Alot of them split at the bottom,some on the plant and some even days after picking I am growing them again this year,how can i prevent it happening again



It could have been a fluctuation in temperature in the spring, or irregular watering, hope that helps.are they in the greenhouse or outside ?

2 Aug, 2010


I've a small tomato called Cherriolas and they split whereas the larger ones don't ---I just put it down to the size and the funny weather, the cherriolas by the way have trusses of over a dozen and often 16-18 tomatoes on each!

2 Aug, 2010


the plant i have does have about a dozen or more on each truss this year ,last year there were only about six or eight although they are supposed to be the same varietThe only difference this year was that my daughter bought a dearer grow bag,could this make a difference to the crop(they are outside)

3 Aug, 2010

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