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is there a cheap way to cover a old and cracking garden path without replacing it?

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You could put slabs down but the ones that look good are not cheap!

1 Aug, 2010


You could use Marshalls Saxons, almost 18inches square with scottish pebbles in between. The slabs come at £56 for ten and the bags of pebbles are £6. each with clay to set them in. I refurbished an old path recently on concrete, I am posting a photo to give you an idea.

1 Aug, 2010


A cheap way would be to cover it with shredded bark but it wouldn't be as good as the other suggestions. You'd need to put an edging down the sides of the path to keep the bark in if it could spread out easily & the bark wouldn't last that long. It could be a quick fix if you're selling & want to make it look better temporarily

1 Aug, 2010


If the cracks go all the way through to soil level below, you could sow seeds of thyme or chamomile, which may grow and "soften" the hard edges. or, you could just buy a bag of cement/sand mix, add more water than the instructions state, pour on, and brush into the cracks?

1 Aug, 2010

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