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which shrub has no berries or thorns!



Loads - Hebes for a start. Need to know what size you want, where its going to grow in terms of shade, sun, cold, etc to narrow down the list a bit.

29 Jul, 2010


This is a daft question as Guest can't answer. you need to join GoY Guest and ask properly

29 Jul, 2010


Here are examples of shrubs without thorns and berries, which flower in spring:
-Spirea argura or Spireavanhouttei
-Prunus laurocerasus (sort Etna is a beautifull evergreen 2 m high or higher if not pruned)
-rhododendrons and azaleas
-kolkwitzia sp.
-Deutzia scabra Piena or rosea (smaller bush) ets.

From those flowering in the summer I would like to mention Ceanothus (especially good for your climate), Hibiscus syriacus or Hydrangea.
All these bushes are safe for children, as I guess you are looking for bush safe to childer.

30 Jul, 2010

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