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How do I determine the sex of the two davidii I bought today. The garden centre hadn't a clue.

On plant Viburnum davidii



I'm not surprised! There's been another thread on here recently on this subject - there is no way of telling them apart, which is totally exasperating and ridiculous I think. On the other hand, I've had 4 of these grown over the years in different gardens as single specimens - all have flowered and fruited without any trouble.

26 Jul, 2010


Many thanks

26 Jul, 2010


All I know is that Hilliers were selling bona-fide separate sexed individuals upon a time, don't know if they still do or indeed if gc you purchased them from deals with Hilliers. In most hardy plant that are separate sexed (Holly and Skimmia) you can usually tell by seeing (when in flower) if they have pollen on the stamens (five in Viburnum). The female form will have a larger swelling at the back of the flower that becomes the fruit and also reduced stamens.

I agree with bamboo though in that many forms of this species seem to produce a mixture of male and female flowers with some probably also with both sexes in the same flower too.

26 Jul, 2010

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