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I have recently bought a Botanico porttable greenhouse heater. I seem to have lost the instructions. I was under the impression that it was themostatically controlled. But it seems to just have an on and off switch wit a choice of 1 or 2 KW or Fan. Can anyone enlighten me?



I've just bought one - still have the instructions. Says 3 settings on top right hand 'heat select switch' when looking at the front of the heater - first one blows cold air, 2nd one is 1kw and 3rd is 2kw setting.

Thermostat on top left hand side is just turn until you get the heat you want - I wanted the frost guard but no instructions for that. I will just set it on minimum thermostat and 1kw setting and hope that does the job.

Hope that helps :)

2 Dec, 2010

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