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hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

why isnt my clematis flowering
last year i had 1 flower this year nothing at all.



Few questions before an answer - 1. is it growing in the ground or in a pot?
2. which clematis is it? 3. In sun or shade? 4. Fed or not fed? 5. Watered when necessary or left to its own devices? 6. Have you pruned it at all?

23 Jul, 2010


dont knew what sort it gets sun and shade gets fed about once every 6 weeks watered most days has ben pruned once

26 Jul, 2010


Well the problem you've got is you may have pruned it at the wrong time - depending on which clematis it is, there are rules about pruning varying from none at all, to light pruning, to cutting virtually to the ground, and all must be done at the right time or you lose flowers. You haven't said whether its in a pot or not, which is important, and now you've told me you feed it, what are you feeding it with?

26 Jul, 2010

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