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My Musa basjoo has started to grow what seems to be 2 seperate shoots quite close to the main plant. I've only had the main plant for about 2 months and is doing really well, producing a large leaf at least once a week. Im wondering if I can seperate these new shoots and re-pot them?, They are only about 2 inces tall at the moment. When is the best time to do this without risking any damage to the main plant?



Phew, bit of a risk doing it now, I wouldn't, I'd wait till late autumn (assuming your plant is outside) and then do it. Means you'll have to dig around in the soil, or take the plant out, to make sure you get some roots with those little babies.

22 Jul, 2010


Thanks Bamboo :) I'll do that!

23 Jul, 2010

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