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hi can you please advise i have got to move a 5 ft acer .in the next 2 weeks its a lovely shrub and i dont want to loose it it has taken me 11 years to grow i would be so gratefull for advice thank you sheila .



Hi Sheila and welcome to GoY. Trying to move an established acer at this time of year is not going to be easy - to be honest moving an 11 year old tree is never easy. The root ball will be the same diameter as the canopy so we are talking well over a metre in diameter. Realistically you would be better leaving the acer where it is a planting a new one in your garden.

18 Jul, 2010


hello thank you so much for your reply the problem is i have 3 trees in my garden they are more the twice the size of my bungalow but the roots of the trees are going under my bungalow and causin cracks in the walls it is a warden controlled bungalow and i am disabled .the contracters have got to take the fence down that is right behind the acer .my husband bought the acer for me .11 years ago and planted it ,he died 9 years ago so it means a lot to me but thank you for your advice .sheila ,

18 Jul, 2010


sorry did not say but the trees have got to come down and they can only take it out where the fence is behind the acer it is a beautiful tree ,thank you .

18 Jul, 2010


Sheila - my heart goes out to you but, sadly, I do not see a solution! If the roots of the trees are going under your bungalow then they need to be removed. I recognise that his is heartbreaking but it has to happen. If the roots are already under the bungalow there is no way the acer can be removed and survive (at least as far as I know!)

18 Jul, 2010


thank you for your kind words it will be hard but i might ask the tree surgeons if they can help me to take it out but thank you so much for your kind words .regards sheila,

18 Jul, 2010

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