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I have a wisteria growing profusely over a wooden arbour. It is trimmed back every year but has now been in for between eight and ten years and has never flowered. Never even a sign of flowering! My husband wants to dig it up and plant something else in it's place but I'm reluctant. Should I still live in hope of it flowering one day or should I accept defeat? I've heard these can take a long time to flower but is this too long a wait already? Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi Chris.

Once the permanent framework of branches has developed (these are never cut back into) a correct pruning system needs to be addressed.

New shoots produced each year need cutting back by half in mid summer (about now is fine). The plant should be left like this until mid-winter. Choose a fine day and prune back to three buds all the shoots that you previously cut back by half that summer. This process should initiate flower bud formation.

Feed twice a year around the roots with a high potash fertiliser such as the granular ones you would use on a rose bush.

This should hopefully swing the balance in favour of flowers and your husband ;-)

17 Jul, 2010

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