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Is it possible to grow Inky Fingers Coleus inside?

On plant Solenostemon scutellarioides



I can't see why not - I grow some from seed each year and give one to my daughter as an indoor plant. Keep nipping out the flower buds as they appear, to keep it going longer.

16 Jul, 2010


Thank you, but to you know does it exist dwarf variety?

20 Jul, 2010


How is to raise it from seed?

20 Jul, 2010


I was wandering that is it easy to start growing it from seed. Is germination lot of slower when temperature isn't exactly the same what it should be. I was thinking it should not matter so much. My plan is to grow it inside so it should be "ok" for the plant.

Is it enough light on my table when it is located approximately 6 feet from window?

20 Jul, 2010


I always grow Coleus from seed, starting in the early spring here. You need to read the instructions on the packet to see what the correct temperature for germination is, Aednik. Yes, it does matter...some seeds simply refuse to grow if the temp. is wrong.

I keep Coleus nearer to a light source then 6', as they can get straggly and 'leggy'.

As to dwarf varieties, I'm sure that there are. You'll need to read the seed packets again! I don't know what's available in Estonia, I'm afraid. Do you have seed companies with cataogues, or shops/Garden Centres where there are plenty of seed packets?

20 Jul, 2010

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