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my broad beans are tall and healthy but no beans yet. Where do the beans sprount from the flower or some where else



do your bean plants have flowers yet? & yes the beans grow from the flower if pollinated. Its difficult to know why there are no beans as yet without knowing when the seed was sown. Are the birds eating your flowers ( wood pidgeons love mine ) netting is the answer. Otherwise you say the plants are healthy so it's that good old gardners friend - - - -watering, weeding, patience. Good luck. btw: I have converted folk into likeing the much maligned broad bean by picking them young, popping them into a little oil with chopped onion & smoked bacon, gently fry for 15/20 mins, Oh yes !! Let us know the outcome please.

15 Jul, 2010


It really depends on where you are in Australia Guest and when you planted the beans. Takes from 12 - 22 weeks from sowing to having edible size beans. We sowed ours in late March/ early April and they are well into bean production, though none are edible size yet! Personally we've never had a problem with birds removing the flowers, have you seen any evidence of flowering Guest?

15 Jul, 2010

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