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hello i am moving house and i have a well established salix and rhodadendrum bush i want to take with me could you please advise the best way to take them with me many thanks



Firstly unless you have previously agreed with the new owners you can't take anything from the garden as it is part of the property. Even if you have trying to move an established salix and rhododendron at this time of the year is almost guaranteed to kill them. Both should only be moved in autumn and need a lot of water to keep them going, if you are in the area of the UK which has had a heat wave and droughts the tree and shrub will already be stressed.

14 Jul, 2010


When I moved house last october I took a very mature rhod with me, as a souvenier of my first home :),
The poor thing spent six months dumped in a bucket(!!) over that harsh Scottish winter and when it was replanted in March, it flowered beautifully! I give it a bucket of water every evening just now and it's thriving just great. Hardy wee thing!

14 Jul, 2010


Mature shrubs and trees need to be prepared for removal one year beforehand. Google RHS for advice. Try taking cuttings. Follow the advice on this link It is sensible and you have two options. Move the plants and kill them or take cuttings and both you and the new owner might win. Are you going to a new house to garden from scratch? Good luck with the move and keep us updated on your progress. We have seen some wonderful transformations on here. PS welcome to GOY

14 Jul, 2010


Donnaj I think the fact that you were able to put it in a bucket and you say hardy wee thing indicates a difference in perception. I'm glad to hear your rhodo has survived and has flowered so well. One that size would almost be seen as a candidate for growing in a pot. A mature rhodo makes me think of something much bigger growing in the garden. The root ball on it would never fit in a pot. It is lovely to have bits from previous gardens. You are so right about plenty watering.

14 Jul, 2010


I think SG has hit the nail on the head - moving a small rhodo even if it is a mature one is entirely different from moving a large one :-)

14 Jul, 2010

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