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By Casso

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I put this in another place by mistake and now I can't find it. This orchid is a Phalaenopsis and is at the moment on my patio but I think it might be an indoor plant. When the flowers die off can I repot it to grow again?




I've been given one to look after for a while ( flowers have gone over) and I found a really useful blog by Spritzhenry which tells you very clearly how to look after them but I'm pretty sure that they are not frost hardy and you have to have special pots and growing medium when you eventually repot --although I don't think you do it very often---

12 Jul, 2010


Thank you Pamq. It is so pretty I would love to regrow it.

12 Jul, 2010


Casso this is a house plant will not survive long on your patio and does not like direct sun. It does not need to be repotted after the flower stalk goes over, as Pamg says put Spritzhenry in the search box at top right of this page and you will find all her blogs. She explains very clearly how to grow phalaenopsis.

This website also has lots of info on growing:

12 Jul, 2010


Hi Casso,
You haven't lost your photo.If you click on your homepage and then on your photo's you will find it there.You uploaded it as 'add photo's' rather than 'ask a question' that's all.
A beautiful orchid ! When you find Spritzhenry's blog re orchids, you can also add it as a favourite so that you can refer to it occasionally.

12 Jul, 2010


Thank you for all the advice. I'm still finding my way around the site.

13 Jul, 2010

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