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By Swinny

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I had a new lawn laid a couple of years ago but last year attempted to get rid of some weeds spoiling the lovely grass, by digging them up I left a few small holes which I filled with fresh soil. Frustratingly by the following day something has come along and dug the holes back out again and this has happened several times. (I have tried grass seeds too but the birds just come and pick them off)can someone please tell me what and why. More to the point how do I stop this problem??!!



We have had problems like this. 2 things to try, pre-germinate the grass seed and/or cover the patches with a piece of garden fleece, pegged down.
Pre-germinating the grass is easy, spread it out on a tray and spray with tepid water and wait until you see the tiny shots. Birds do not like germinated seeds. Spray with water rather than soak the seeds until they grow. Sow gently and very lightly cover with fine soil.

12 Jul, 2010

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