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About 10 yrs ago I bought a red grape vine which had been grafted onto mature root stock and had two rods on a 3ft high trellis frame. The label said it was Vitis Vinifera 'Cardinal'. I planted it under an open-sided, glass roofed
pergola and it took off like a rocket, producing 30,40,50 bunches of grapes each year. When we built the extension I had to up-root it and tried to transplant it elsewhere. It was so big I had to prune it quite severely and it hasn't budded this year although I am not convinced it is dead and will give it till next year before I scrap it. In the meantime, I would like to plant another,
alongside it, as back-up. I cannot find Cardinal mentioned anywhere - does it have another name? Even if I can find it, is it too late to plant it?

On plant Vitis vinifera




11 Jul, 2010


Hi Julyanday. Two things first, when did you prune it and when did you lift it to be moved?

The following two nurseries do it.

11 Jul, 2010

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