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An amelanchia tree planted two years ago has never really taken hold. This year, in the drought, it thought it was autumn, leaves turned red, dropped off, and now it looks either dead or although it is winter. Is this caused by insufficient watering (no one looked after it when it was young), damage to the base by a clumsy gardener bashing into it, over watering now (I was trying to rescue it late in the day) or a combination? I can take a photo if needed.

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i suspect lack of water initially is the main cause. and the very cold winter wont have helped. then the very dry spell has initiated the leaf fall. I'd do nothing to it now as it may regenerate next spring. You could trim and restructure the frame of the tree whilst it is 'dead' then if it is still alive it will grow nicely.

11 Jul, 2010


If the plant is in the ground, you can't overwater it because it drains away. Keep it watered thoroughly whilst we're still in drought - the leaves starting to autumn were the signal that it now didn't have enough water, and that's when you should have stepped in with the hosepipe. Hopefully its not too late.

11 Jul, 2010

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