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By Nad_jay

Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

I am trying to figure out the plants I have inherited from the previous owner. Here are some photos. Can you pls shed some lights to identify these? May be these plants are so familiar here so sorry for asking.

Garden_023 Garden_025 Garden_027



the bottom one looks like a euonymus 'sunspot' but the only bit I can see is the variegated leaves in the bottom right hand corner the rest of the shrub has reverted to plain--no varigation possibly because its growing in the shade?
the top reminds me of Mahonia but its so tall did it flower do you know any berries?

10 Jul, 2010


the middle one reminds me of a skimmia - but I could be wrong....

10 Jul, 2010


The top one is definitely Mahonia, probably M. japonica, but hard to say variety, except its one of the larger ones, middle one is Skimmia, bottom, not sure what I'm seeing - if the variegated growth to the bottom right of the picture (green and yellow) is a separate plant, then the plain green one could be Vinca major.

10 Jul, 2010


Yes, Mahonia (probably 'Winter Sun' by the look of the leaf). Bottom to be honest didn't jump out at me until I saw Donna's suggestion and yes, I agree with all on that too. Bottom does look like Euonymus japonica 'Sunspot' that has pretty much reverted back to E. jap. radicans.

10 Jul, 2010

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