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I have recently moved and the gardens back and front are just stone and dust roses seem to grow and there are acouple of other plants .My question is what do I have to add to it to get a semi reasonable soil I am a pensioner with not much spending power. Oh and there are lots of chalk and flint there are no insects or weeds



I'd imagine it'll look particularly bad in respect of the soil currently because we're in drought - everywhere here looks dusty and sahara like too. What you need for your soil is humus rich materials, so things like organic soil conditioning compost from the garden centre, compost from your recycling centre, leaf mould, spent mushroom compost, any composted manure based materials. If you're unable to dig properly, you can lay them over the soil, they will work their way in eventually, but I wouldn't do it right now - wait for some rain or cooler weather.

10 Jul, 2010

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