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What size pot for a clematis? I am thinking of buying a specimen clematis, 'Nepaulensis', from, which is rather a rare one. Grows apparently to about 3 metres high and one and a half wide. I have a sheltered position to grow it in. It should be a real challenge and an exquisite plant. I am wondering whether a ceramic pot which I already have, 19" diameter (48cm), would be an OK size? Please can anybody tell me whether they think this size container will be suitable?



Hi Jonathan,

you might be interested in some of the other UK suppliers for Clematis napaulensis too:

It is a lovely species - I have one that I grew from wild collected seed and another lives happily in my mothers garden. They have never been hugely vigorous for us, so I would say that your 19" ceramic pot would be ideal, provided it has sufficient drainage - something that many ceramic pots often lack.

10 Jul, 2010


Thank you Ilex. That is good to hear. How big did yours attain to?

10 Jul, 2010


No plant has never got past about 6 feet, the one in my mothers garden (which was from the same seed) is probably around 8 feet tall I should say...they must be the best part of 10 years old now too.

10 Jul, 2010


I understand it needs some winter protection. Does it also need to deep plant?

10 Jul, 2010

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