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Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

growing runner beans that have red flowers and some that have white flowers in the same spot .white are growing beautiful, but ones with red flowers keep dropping off.tried more water as advised ,stopped bugs but still continue to fall off while white have loads of beans i am very puzzled just looking after for a friend!!!!!!! please help

On plant dont know



Are your bean flowers getting pollinated? If not they will just drop off and no beans will set. Get a child's paintbrush or a q-tip and pollinate yourself if you don't see any insects around. I hope you have not sprayed with an insecticide as this will deter the friendly insects and kill them too.

10 Jul, 2010


Are the white flowering beans climbing French beans rather than runners? If so, these set beans and manage to grow well in dry conditions far more easily than runners.
In my experience runners always start by dropping most of their flowers and it's only later when they have made a lot of growth that they start to produce their bumper crops, usually in cooler conditions of late summer and autumn (or in the UK, that's usually mid-August isn't it?)
It's always explained as lack of moisture or pollination, but it is probably down to both. Bear in mind runner beans, Phaseolus coccineus ssp. coccineus, originate from cool mountain areas in central America where there is heavy rainfall.

10 Jul, 2010

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