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just to confirm tree is 30-40 ft ,leaves are 12 inches wide. no flowers many thanks

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Hi Morank,

I think this follows on from your Question number 27412

Your tree is a young Paulownia tomentosa (AKA Foxglove Tree) - it looks to be around 25 feet tall. They are ultimately very large trees that can reach as much as 75 ft in height and breadth, but they can take many years before producing the huge flowers. Many people grow them in smaller gardens by pollarding them - cutting back very hard (more or less to ground level) each year. This treatment encourages the production of even bigger leaves (twice the size of the ones on your tree) and also keeps the whole plant quite small and very bushy, although plants treated in this way will never flower or fruit.

8 Jul, 2010


Hi, sorry did not see yourname, yes the tree is between 30-40 ft, it is in it second year.. Many thanks for informative answer . k moran

8 Jul, 2010

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