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How to rid nasturtimums of blackfly?



Treat with a spray for aphid infestation

8 Jul, 2010


Or spray with soapy water which works as well

8 Jul, 2010


MG, I was listening to Gardeners Question Time a week or so ago, and this business of soapy water came up - they said if the soap was eco stuff, or horticultural, insecticidal soap, that was fine, but that normal washing up liquid diluted in water as a spray was worse for the environment than insecticidal sprays because it contains quite a lot of nasties, believe it or not.

8 Jul, 2010


I only ever use eco. products, and usually add the rider that this is what should be used - forgot on this question. I actually gag if I'm near someone who washes their clothes in regular detergent - especially if they then use fabric conditioner, the smell is awful to me.

8 Jul, 2010


Oh dear, good job we live so far apart then, lol! Fabric conditioner essential, otherwise all my clothes stick to me and my hair's electric...

8 Jul, 2010


The eco. fabric conditioner doesn't bother me - though as our water is so soft don't need to use.

8 Jul, 2010

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