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my petunias in my hanging baskets are not growing much at all. i feed weekly with miracle grow and water each day. i planted up two baskets, two weeks later for my mother in law and they are a dmoe with foliage and colour. what am i doing wrong. was it to hot recently as my bakets were in full sun?

On plant Petunia surfinia



Yes - when the weather's hot, dry and sunny, you should water baskets in full sun in the morning and in the evening with at least a litre each time - if it runs out too quickly, it doesn't get into the compost, and that sometimes happens when the compost is too dry already. To put that right, you need to water it, wait half an hour, do it again, wait another half an hour, do it again and so on until you know the compost is actually saturated.

7 Jul, 2010


Watering as already said will transform them but you have to keep it up.

7 Jul, 2010

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