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We have a big problem with neighbours leylandii. There are about twelve of these, all of which are now some 40-50' high and run along their side of the fence the whole length of the gardens. Unfortunely we are now affected by not having the sun in our garden from late afternoon and our small upstairs bedroom is now being affected by the light not getting to it. Our Enfield Council merely stated today that all I can do is ring the Citizens Advice Bureau, which I could not get through to today. How desparate I now feel and even after requests for the neightbours to cut them short, the trees still remain and are growing taller and taller. What can I do now?



How many of the trees come over your side of the boundary, you can cut it back within 4 inches of your boundary. It costs a lot of money to get them cut down to 6ft., (a hedge war). I have come across this process in my business many times. If you cut them back hard on your side in this drought they may die.

7 Jul, 2010


I also suspect your council is fudging! Most councils have a policy of hedges between gardens being no more than 6 foot in height! Speak to you local councillor and your community councillor about this they will be able to help you.

7 Jul, 2010


Put it in writing to the right department of your council as a phone call can be ignored and keep trying your local CAB they can be very helpful. But do ask your neighbour to pop round for a cup of tea and show them your problem they may not realize and put it right? Dont be tempted to start cutting them back until you know all the facts/rights for both sides, there have been several litigation wars over these trees.

7 Jul, 2010

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