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By Msstvns

United Kingdom Gb

I'm new the world of gardening and would like to know if there are any outdoor plants which flower all year long, and if so which ones go together best?



Perhaps you should ask Spritzhenry in a private message so he won't miss your question. He has the most beautiful garden and knows all about it. I don't know much about English plants. Why don't you visit your local garden centre and just see what you like there. Read the tags for size, location and watering instructions and put small ones in front and bigger ones at the back. You'll be half way there then and only have to buy them and bring them home. Have fun, it should be a pleasure.

30 Jul, 2008


If you visit your Garden Centre once a month and buy two plants in flower each time you visit, you will finish up woth a garden that always has something in flower.

30 Jul, 2008


If you mean - are there any plants that flower continuously throughout the year, then, no there aren't. However, there are some which have long flowering periods and some which literally only flower for 1day! A good long-flowering shrub is and evergreen called 'Viburnum tinus'This starts in the late autumn and carries on right through until the following summer! For summer colour, Penstemons are long-flowering, as are Achillea. These two go together well. Salvias like S.nemorosa (pink or purple) flower for ages if you keep dead-heading. My Erigeron karvinskianus starts flowering in the spring and carries on until the autumn. Hope this gives you an idea of some long-flowering plants to search out!

31 Jul, 2008

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