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By Fairlie

Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi just got some strawberry plants ,would they be better in a propigator or out in the open



I find they do wonderful in a rich soil with lots of moisture and sun. They will send out runners which will root and propagate new plants. A given plant will produce for only about two years. So, every two years clear out the old plants in a path about 12 inches wide and let them fill in with new plants.

6 Jul, 2010


Definitely out in the open ground, they are prone to mildew and need air around them.

6 Jul, 2010


Thanks for the info.i plan to have them in pots ,1 per pot do you think ?
Fairlie G.

6 Jul, 2010


I always grow mine in a huge pot and every year keep the small plantlets which come from the runners for next year.s crop - been doing this for some time now and still get lovely strawbs .... Val

6 Jul, 2010


Pots or hanging baskets are fine for strawberries but don't forget to water regularly.
Once you have fruit showing, feed with tomato feed about once a week until the end of the season.

6 Jul, 2010

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