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We have just acquired one of these wonderful plants and have followed all the instructions re caring for it. I know we have only had it a week, but it appears to be drooping quite a lot and the beautiful flowers are looking a bit lacklustre in comparison to how they looked when it first arrived.
Is it because of transit and has anyone else had a problem like this and if so what did they do about it? Be grateful for any advice offered.
It is sited in a conservatory that doesn't get direct sunlight. The heat is pleasant in there and not too hot or cold and we have watered as suggested as well as used a mister in order to keep up the humidity levels. IS there anything else we should try?

On plant Medinilla magnifica



I've never grown it, but here's an extract from my houseplant book regarding it: "Secrets of Success: Warm temperature, 65 to 75 deg. F in summer and 60-65 deg. F. in winter; Brightly lit spot screened from direct sun; water moderately from spring to autumn, sparingly in winter. Mist leaves frequently - stand pot on a pebble tray (tray larger than the pot with pebbles, with water halfway up the pebbles to increase humidity round the plant)."
Could be the temperature drops below 65 at nights (can't think what that is in Centigrade, probably 21deg).

5 Jul, 2010

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