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Sorry for the confusion, the problem is my fobia of frogs, the cats came into it when someone suggested getting one. As for keeping cats out of my garden, I could get a dog. But then that would use my garden as a toilet!!! Can anyone offer advice on how to keep frogs out of my tidy, short lawned garden?



Westcote I gave you some advice about this when you asked before.

5 Jul, 2010


Hi Westcote I have had a look at your other questions and have put the links here so that people can see what you were asking.

Is there any chance that you could try some therapy for your phobia as it does seem to be affecting your lifestyle?

Links to your other questions:

5 Jul, 2010


you probably can't but they do eat slugs and snails--- which you also can't keep out I'm afraid, still when you think it could be pigeons-- deer-- rabbits squirrels etc. at least they don't eat all your plants

5 Jul, 2010


Wescote it would really help if when you replied to comments you did so as an 'Answer question' in the original question. That way everything would be together and it would simply be one thread to read down. Folk who commented on your first question may not see the other two. You can get treatment for a phobia but you have got to want to do it.

5 Jul, 2010


I have loads of frogs in my garden, they eat the slugs, snails but to be honest I never actually see them....really don't know they are there most of the time.
Moon grower is right...if your phobia is that bad you should get treatment. I know people that have had a phobia with birds and have had does work.
I do understand Westcote, it really is not nice when you have an irrational fear of you have any idea why you fear frogs so much? It sometimes helps if you have some idea as to why you fear them.....

5 Jul, 2010

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