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By Cmw

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why is my Rhodedendrums not getting buds or floweres?



Hi Cmw when did you plant, is it in a container or the ground, is the soil acidic, is it in semi-shade?In addition some of the species rhododendrons are very difficult to flower, we have one such which we grow purely for the amazing foliage.

5 Jul, 2010


I agree with Mg.some also take a long time to flower. We bought one about 7 years old thinking we would get flowers the next year but it took a long time maybe five years before we got any flowers. Rhodos like to be in shade in the morning as in winter the buds can be frosted and the sun on them before they have had time to thaw naturally can kill the buds. They like to have their heads in the sun in the afternoon to set the buds. I think it will just take time you need to be very patient.

5 Jul, 2010


Moon Grower.. I bought mine 2 yrs ago. one is in the sun in am and one in the shade - soil is red clay but planted w/garden soil and fertilizer. My sister bought same plants same yr and similar soil.. Hers has buds and blooms both yrs..

7 Jul, 2010


Rhododendrons need acidic soil if you don't have this, and red clay is not usually particularly acidic, you will have challenges. If you lived in the UK I would be advising you to dig a large planting hole, much larger than the root ball, part fill with acidic/ericaceous compost mixed with leaf mould or similar and plant your rhododendron into this filling with more of the same mixture. You will also need to regularly mulch the shrubs and probably feed with a liquid iron feed. Your best bet is to go and talk to someone who knows their rhododendrons in your local garden centre for advice in your particular circumstances. Tugbrethil would probably know but he seems to have vanished off the scene.

Do other people around you grow rhododendrons?

7 Jul, 2010

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