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Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

my eucalyptus tree was trimmed down about 6 mths ago, and over the last 4-5 wks it has been drooping alot of leaves. its shooting new growth out the top already though. the amount of leaves i pick up everyday is un believable, makes the garden look so un tidy. but i do love these trees. please help. julie.



It is their season to do this ,they are from Australia so don,t worry it is normal
. I do agree it is annoying as I have same problem and get a bit fed up picking up the leaves as well.

4 Jul, 2010


I agree, a large Eucalyptus gunnii at work has I would say about fifty percent (old leaves) turning orange and dropping at the moment. Quite normal at this time of year, indeed many evergreen trees and shrubs are dropping old foliage right now too.

5 Jul, 2010

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