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Easter cacti

Newcastle, United Kingdom Gb

My Easter cacti flowered in May ,when the flowers finished I put it outside in my small plastic seedhouse.I have just noticed it has five new flowers so now what do I water it ,it is bone dry bring it in to the house ,put it in the garden some where sheltered or leave well alone?...Thanks

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Water it and put it where you can admire the flowers. Sometimes they do have a second flush.

4 Jul, 2010


We used to have an Easter cactus that flowered on and off for most of the year. It was in the front porch and got ignored for weeks at a time then I remember and water it and hey presto more flowers! Sadly the winter of 08-09 killed it off!

4 Jul, 2010


I have one of these plants which is years old and flowers at both easter and Christmas. It has been in the same pot all this time but as it flowers so well I have left well alone until this year when I thought it deserved some new compost and a bigger pot. This done I put it into back poch which has plastic roof and is now going mental putting on lots of new growth. I will be keeping my fingers crossed this Winter when I bring it back into the house just in case it decides it doesn't want to flower now it has no "danger" and won't need to flower to protect itself from extinction!

5 Jul, 2010

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