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Hi, I am looking for a thornless,highly perfumed rose please.



James Galway and Shropshire lad and ZephIrine Drouhin which is a climber but can be grown as a bush/hedge. Perhaps you should look at the rose page on Goypeadia for some ideas. There are quite a few thornless roses to choose from but only you can tell if the prefume works for you!

3 Jul, 2010


What type, patio, climber or a bush rose? I have a Goldfinch rose, which is a climbing rose, growing up my apple tree. It is pretty much thornless, and the thorns that it does have (if you can really call them thorns.....compared to the really big thorns on my other roses...ouch) are tiny and almost irrelavent. Only put it in a few months not flowered yet... but according to what i,ve read the flowers have a very strong, orange like scent.

3 Jul, 2010


I grow James Galway as mentioned above. Practically thornless, lovely scent and prolific flowerer which repeats well. Mine is a a climber.

4 Jul, 2010

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