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These are the trees in Question


By Railmad

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

This is a pretty urgent request for advice. I ,along with neighbours either side , have Sycamore Trees, which are over 40' tall. We have noticed that for the first time in 20+ yrs, the leaves have failed to unfurl fully, and branches 2" thick are dropping off, and can be snapped like Balsa Wood. This cannot be right, any advice would be welcome. I have enclosed photos, but i doubt if they will be any help.

Ill_sycamore_tree Ill_sycamore_tree_002 Ill_sycamore_tree_003



Hello Railmad.......I'm wondering if they are suffering from lack of moisture....the brittle branches and unfurled leaves would suggest this. We had such a cold winter and relatively dry spring with high temperatures now. I think the trees are divesting themselves of unnecessary leaves and branches to conserve moisture.

3 Jul, 2010


I have'nt considered this , we both (neighbours ) are very concerned that the trees may be diseased. This is the first time we have ever confronted such a problem . We have been neighbours for 20 yrs +, and have always enjoyed a beautiful canopy of leaves this time of year.

3 Jul, 2010


Would barking a section just below the trees have had anything to do with moisture intake?

3 Jul, 2010


Are the trees on your or your neighbour's property? I think you should consult a tree surgeon. They usually give free advice in my experience, unless you want a detailed report. Does your area have a tree warden - usually an expert giving their time voluntarily.

3 Jul, 2010


If you mean mulching with bark....this would help to preserve moisture. It could be a fungal disease......have a look at Anthracnose disease, it could be that the trees need spraying with a fungicide.

3 Jul, 2010


Anthracnose seems to be the culprit. It describes perfectly the state of the leaves, branches,etc. Will be getting tree surgeon round to prune and dispose of dead branches. Hope to get a good one, know some people who have been ripped off big time by unscrupulous so called tree surgeons. Tree Fellers more like. Thanks to every body for all your contributions to my dilemma, appreciate it.

4 Jul, 2010

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