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Where can I buy an Azalia?

On plant Rhododendron ponticum



Well, Rhododendron ponticum isn't an Azalea and what's more you can't but it anywhere - in fact it's illegal to sell it since it's classed as a dangerously invasive weed.

I would guess that you're looking for Rhododendron luteum (with fragrant, sulphur-yellow tubular flowers) which used to be known as Azalea pontica? You can get a moderate selection of Azaleas, including this very widely grown species at most decent garden centres, and a much better selection at many specialist nurseries.

Alternatively check out the RHS Plantfinder online to find a supplier near you:

3 Jul, 2010


azalea's you can buy at most garden centres

3 Jul, 2010


Maybe look at this website :
for info on the rhododendruon ponticum.

3 Jul, 2010


Grandmage, I found that the page you give the link for can't be found. I tried the forestry commission website & found this general article -

3 Jul, 2010


Ok thanks ,sorry Beattie, about that I just copied it !!

3 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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