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By Markdj

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi im new to gardening i was just wondering iv made a flower bed and i want to put my southgate fuchsia in do i put them at the back or the front and are fuchsia a tall flower or small

thank you



Hi Mark and welcome to GoY firstly if you have only just created the flower bed you need to give it time to settle, at least a week or so for the soil to not be too loose. During this time you need to water the bed to assist the settling process. To be honest living where you are and with the heat and drought you are having I wouldn't have made a new flower bed until autumn and have left to settle over winter before planting in spring.

As to your Fuchsia it is tender, which means it wont survive outside over winter. It is a semi-trailing bushy type better suited to a container that you can move into a greenhouse when the weather gets cold.

3 Jul, 2010


hi moon thank you for the advise im new to gardening and like this site very much

thank you for the advise its geat to hear from someone who can lead me in the right direction

maybe in a few weeks i could put a pic up of my creation lol

many thanks


4 Jul, 2010

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