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The water level in my pond is getting low, can I add tap water without doing any harm to the newts/wildlife in the pond. I was going to let it stand in the water butt for 2 days.



We add tap water direct BUT we have very soft water that has minimal treatment.

2 Jul, 2010


Fill the water butt three quarters full with tap water, add a bucket full of pond water, leave for a day, pour it into your pond with care not to stir up the silt in the bottom of the pond. If it is not filled enough repeat as needed.

2 Jul, 2010


To top up your pond use rainwater don't use tap water as it has quite high levels of nitrates.
Nitrates don't poison pond life, but they do encourage the growth of algae and duck weed
. prune

3 Jul, 2010

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