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Derbyshire, England Eng

hanks for that, I was wondering if some one could tell me a little bit more information on it eg how big it grows and should I replant it in the border, it looks very pretty, I have uploaded a second image hope it helps, thanks again. Sorry for not posting this with my original question (Question number 27247) but I could not find a way to upload a second image with the reply




It is the wild native Field Rose, Rosa Arvensis. It is a climbing type which occurs commonly in hedges, using the other vegatation to support it. Often grows in shady places I've noticed. Will carry hips in the autumn.

2 Jul, 2010


10-12 feet ultimately - bit of a sprawly grower, which is why its good in hedgerows, where it sprawls upwards through the hedge. Grown alone, it makes a sort of rather untidy mound.

2 Jul, 2010

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