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i planted a plum tree last week and the fruit that is on it has shirveled up, what should i do?



Think your tree will need copious amounts of water this summer to make sure its roots put down. We are in the middle of a drought so water well.

2 Jul, 2010


thank you, i have been watering it but maybe not enough. Should i take the fruit off and hope for the best next year?
I'm not having much luck with plum trees as my other one that i planted last year hasn't produced any fruit!

2 Jul, 2010


Our plum tree was a disaster from word go, we planted it when our daughter was born and some twenty years later we chopped it down, we only had two good years with fruit and the rest hit and miss, it was a victoria as well and its roots went for miles round the garden, we pruned and did what the books say but it was useless, now not saying yours will be, if you can take the old fruits off then do so and keep the watering going until it is well established and fingers crossed for next year, we had a long cold winter didnt we and now drought, crazy seasons !

2 Jul, 2010


You shouldn't let it fruit in it's first year, it should use it's energy to grow a good root system, so get those fruit off. Water for a whole year, even if it rains!

2 Jul, 2010


Thanks, I've taken the fruit off and i have given it some food now so hopefully it will recover.

2 Jul, 2010

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