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how to take care of bell peppers in green house



According to Wikipedia, Pradesh has a sub tropical climate, so I wonder why you need to grow them in a greenhouse?
However, they don't need much attention or pruning, and we find ours crop very heavily each year just by leaving them alone.
I plant ours in the greenhouse bed with a good spacing of around a square foot. They eventually make very bushy and tall plants.
Enrich the soil with lots of compost as they grow much better, and keep them well watered.
If you pick some of the peppers while green this promotes more to form, or you can leave them until they change colour to red, yellow or whatever they are.
The main pest we get is red spider mite, and this can be controlled by keeping conditions humid.
Apart from that, they need staking as the weight of fruit can cause the branches to break when they are growing well and it's a good idea to put in strings or sticks to support the side branches when they are fruiting.

1 Jul, 2010

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