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How do I get rid of horses tail (mares tail )



Look in the GOY search box lots of ideas about Marestail and getting rid

30 Jun, 2010


Thank you I am new to the GOY website,how do I get onto the the GOY search box.

30 Jun, 2010


The quick answer is you won't ever get rid of it. Most of our lower garden is infested with it and I find the best thing to do is to leave it until it has grown to a foot or so high, and then pull each shoot out. Done in early July, the regrowth is never as strong as the initial growth and you can often pull out quite a bit of root. If you cut it when it is still small, you get four or five stems for each one you cut.
Persistence cutting it down or pulling is worth it as at least you stop it spreading and getting completely out of control.
Some people claim that bruising the foliage before spraying with glyphosate works, but I have never succeeded with that strategy.
Repeated cultivation of the area works, as you dont find much of it in the vegetable beds.

30 Jun, 2010


We think we have found an answer to the problem with horses tail.Wilko's lawn spot weed killer is proving to be an answer.Don't ask me why but after the advise from an neighbour and spraying these weeds over a period of 2 weeks they are now dying off.

23 Jul, 2010


I couldn't find any reference to a product called Wilko under lawn weed killer, Charlie2.
Do you have any more information about it?

24 Jul, 2010


I couldnt spray mine as they often grow right up in the centre of my (mostly poor soil) plants

24 Jul, 2010


Wilko lawn spot weed killer can be bought in wilkinsons stores.

25 Jul, 2010

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