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I am having the same problem for the first time i have planted Maris Peer and Dunbar Rover they are both over a meter high, someone told me it was due to the climate this year? will i still get a good crop though?



There will still be tubers, and the large plants don't necessarily mean they will be small or lacking. Usually the problem with 'all foliage and no tubers' comes when potatoes are over-fed. Our potatoes have the largest tops too this year as we've had similar weather in France. I excavated a few tubers yesterday but they are still very small.
Other than earthing up as much as possible, there's nothing we can do, so just keep your fingers crossed.

30 Jun, 2010


Thank you Bertiefox for your comments, i will earth up again as you suggest, and as you say "fingers crossed". Thanks again.

30 Jun, 2010


Just to update: had another go digging potatoes yesterday and found the tubers were now about twice the size of when I dug them in June.
So probably worth looking at how yours are coming along especially if they are 'earlies'.

7 Jul, 2010


Thank you for your update, I have checked as you suggested thinking that I wouldnt find anything, but hey ho I have potatoes, they are quite small but salad size and pure white so they are on the menu tonight, shall I leave the rest for another week or so??

7 Jul, 2010


It's a choice of larger and later, or tastier now. I always think the first new potatoes are always the best, especially with a dab of butter and some parsley.

10 Jul, 2010

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