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I just bought the black Tacca Bat Plant in a 6" pot from a nursery in Florida. I live in Illinois and we have very hot humid weather right now. It was 65 degrees last night and FINALLY the leaves seem to be perking up... question though..?? The leaves are very yellow almost white in most places and I know this means some kid of deficiency, any suggestions to make leaves green again? Also the bulb is above ground and shooting out more roots which is a good thing I think. The plant also has a baby on the side of the bulb. So hopefully there is hope in saving my plant! :) I read where you only transplant in Feb and March... is that still the case? Thanks so much for any answers, I am looking forward to putting much energy into this plant to make it healthy and long lived!




Found this on google:
I hope it helps.

29 Jun, 2010


Thank you StJohntongue! I have googled til I was blue in the face! lol... I hope this will help, I'll let you know... it's also my first time on this site...just found it googling and I think it has a nice feel to it and I might just stay around. :)

30 Jun, 2010


Welcome to GoY, Mladyjoy.
Stick around. This is a really friendly site with loads of helpful folk. All kinds of people visit and contribute, from total novices to experts and all types between.

30 Jun, 2010


Thanks StJ... today I looked at my Tacca and it's again not looking well... I think I am just going to try and transplant... your link you sent me was wonderful but said to transplant in spring.. :( I am 'feeling' like I should just transplant now! the leaves are almost white and droopy... is it too late? they still feel firm..

and if it's in the orchid family why does no one say to plant in orchid mix?

I'll try some miracid on it and hope it'll bring leaves back... why not use coffee grounds? like hydrangea?? that makes soil acidic...?

sorry for all the questions I REALLY don't want to loose this guy! :D

Have a great day!

30 Jun, 2010


okay!! I just called and talked to a grower at the link you sent me StJ!!! Thanks!
This is what he basically said...
water.. because Tacca is so picky to use rain water, distilled water or reverse osmosis water...the salt content will turn leaves yellow.

soil...okay to use african violet soil or most mixtures I've been reading about...

heat~! not good for them so now that it's cooled off a bit they are feeling a little stronger. when heat gets to bad put low to ground in cool shady area. He said if you can grow orchids, the easy to grow ones he told me the name but can't remember it starts with a P and is the most common, I could look it up but I have fallen behind on my daily doings because of this plant! lol...

Foliar spray misting in the late afternoon early evenings when pores open up to take in moisture from overnight air. can ad some fertilzer to it. like miracid.

that's all I can remember now but plant in plastic pot and clean off roots and cut off dead roots when transplanting... I think I am going to transplant now while it's cool outside! :) rain over the weekend so wish me luck! :)

30 Jun, 2010


Sounds like you have it well in hand.
Good luck and may your fingers remain forever green.

1 Jul, 2010


haha! thanks I sprayed the plant tonite with miracid and distilled water! I'll keep this thread posted...

Thanks for the fingers remaining green, and add red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo and violet as I am an artist. ;)

1 Jul, 2010


Things are not going well I am afraid...the heat has been too much that I brought the plant indoors and keep it in a room with no's cooler and has an east and south window.. now I guess I need to put them on pebbles and water from bottom? The leaves have all turned brown and crispy, one of the new shoots is till yellow green but losing color. I have fertilized with miracid and foliar spray... I'm losing the battle, any suggestions? Thanks!

18 Jul, 2010


This plant is picky it either likes it's place in your home or garden or it don't. I wouldn't go repotting it right away that will just stress it out more. The plant will go dormant and or leaves turn black even new growth if humidity light and air flow is not perfect it also loves r.o. Water, tap water burns the leaves over time I've grown tons of them over the years try moving the plant and watering it good. Indoors don't foliar feed or mist the leaves it opens up the pores. Mine grow in a climate controlled area where temp is 80 degrees day 74 night and 68.5% humidity day and 63 night no sun light All artificial they sit 3 feet below 1400 watts of t5 and red and blue led panels they look the better than ones I've grown outside. They can take more light than people say. Also leaves will droop if humidity is not high enough I've experimented with lots of different fertilizers the one that worked best is florinova grow and bloom by general hydroponics it has every trace elements this plant needs, I'm not shy with fert I always give it more than recommended and have not had problems as long as the plant is growing. Another thing I do is let it dry up to force blooming I'll starve mine until it's so wilted you think it's dead than soak the hell out of it and within a week it will begin pushing out blooms

4 Mar, 2014

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