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By Nim

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We have just moved to a house with a very mature but overrun garden. I am not a very knowledgable gardener and am pruning quite a bit because paths are a bit claustrophobic. What I would like to know is what mechanical garden tools are essential to make my life easier. I have already bought a mechanical garden shredder to reduce the volume of the waste although it really is time consuming but obviously worth doing when the results are seen. It doesn't seem to do leaves very well as they seem to block the feeding chute but having done some reading this seems to be a common problem. I was either thinking of a petrol blower vac or a petrol brush cutter. Does any one have any suggestions which models have a good reputation and also would either of these be what I should buy next and if not what would you suggest? Is a brush cutter suitable for mulching a big pile of leaves or would a blower vac be better? Also when blower vacs are advertised they have mulching ratios. Maybe a silly question but is 10:1 better than 5:1? Is petrol obviously better than electric for the freedom?

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Re shredding - if you wait a couple of days (preferably dry ones) before you shred your prunings, the leaves will have dried out a bit and block the shredder less. I do not prune things like conifers as these contain stuff that blocks the shredder (ditto one or two shrubs with sticky leaves such as escallonia). I also find cotoneaster wood splits into long strips that wraps round the blades too so don't shred these either. Yes, it takes a long time but the results can either be spread as a woodland path or left for twelve months to break down into good compost.

28 Jul, 2008


Hi Nim, do you have such a huge garden you need electrical or petrol driven tools? We do have a large garden and all we use is the ride on mower and the brush cutter; which is done in about two hours all up. We have a blower ( electric one ) to blow away the leaves of the veranda's and paths. We used that in our previous garden, right now I rather sweep. You know why? Because the blower makes too much noise and because it blows everything, not only leaves, but dust and doghairs etc, in all directions. You try to blow it one way, but when you turn around with that thing, it blows it all back and around. I think it is useless. I do not have a shredder, as we have too many plants with large leaves. The shredder really is only for woody branches and unless you have a huge one, it will not do branches thicker than your wrist. I have a lot of prunings and I take them to the green tip. Some of them have thorns and often there are weeds in them. So out they go. But I do buy mulch, nice black forest mulch which is much better than what I can make myself. Garden clippings from the lawn are good for mulch, I put those under my plants and trees too. Then I have a compost heap, and all small matter goes there. Raking leaves is a lovely job, part of gardening, and most birds come out straight away, as you twirl up the ground and the creepy crawlies come out for them to eat. The leaves you can use as is as mulch, they rot away in no time.
My best garden tools are: a wheelbarrow, a shovel, a spade, pruning secateurs, a grass rake and another steel rake, the lawnmower and brush cutter. Then I have two sprays: one container for weedecide, one for insectecide. Make sure you don't ever mix them up, or else.....Happy gardening, it's time consuming and back breaking but oh, so rewarding and relaxing at the same time.

28 Jul, 2008

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