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Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

small primay school looking for a weed killer that can be used in a school with a easy to use spray bottle with easy to mix chemicals system.



you can buy roundup in a spray bottle and the concentrate separate to mix yourself. obviously all these chemicals need to be kept out oif the reach of the little ones. I'd also spray after the kiddies have gone home for the night :o)

29 Jun, 2010


You would definitely run into problems with the Health and Safety Executive if you use Roundup or glyphosate in areas where children have access. The official advice is that it should NOT be used in areas where children play. This is because it IS poisonous if ingested and little children put all kinds of things into their mouths.
An alternative weedkiller is a mixture of vinegar and water which will 'burn' weeds, or hand weeding.
Any alternative weedkillers are far worse than glyphosate.
I'd suggest the weeds are controlled during the school holidays.

29 Jun, 2010


the council groundsmen spray 'industrial strength' glyphospate in all the schools wether kiddies are in not.

29 Jun, 2010


These are the contractors who really ought to know better. I think you are right that it isn't banned in the UK, but it is in the USA and Canada (in schools). This report is quite clear about the matter if you read the section about glyphosate...

29 Jun, 2010


They are council groundsmen and very good bertiefox and they are not allowed to use power cutters/chainsaws unless the area is properly cordoned off.

29 Jun, 2010

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