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Hi I was hoping somebody can give me advice on leveling my garden? my house is on top of a hill and my garden runs down hill but I would like to level this of for my kids I know that I will need to put some support walls in but how do I go about this. Do I use concreate slats and post or breeze blooks? To help with drainage would I be best putting in rubble and pebbles before putting on my top soil? any help would be wonderful as I cant find any info out myself on the internet



depending on the size and slope of your garden you may find it advisable to get the professionals in as the support is going to take a lot of weight and you don't want it to suddenly collapse.

28 Jun, 2010


We have used a variety of walling on our sloping site. On the very steep sections we dug out a flat section and put in gabions (filled with rubble). They've been in place now for 5 years and are holding back the slope really well.
Where it is less steep we've had 18 inch wide stone walls constructed on concrete foundations and have also used 6 foot tall (3.5 inch diameter) fencing posts set 2 ft deep in concrete to act as as edge for some sloping beds. The last 2 were constructed last autumn and are doing the job they were built for.
As moon grower says you don't want a flimsy construction that falls down.

28 Jun, 2010

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