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A tomato with three stems- is this right?


By Bryony

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A tomato ('Herald') with three stems- is this right?

I just bought a tomato plant called 'Herald' and whilst looking for information online I realised that it looks quite different to other tomato plants which seem to have one stem only. This one has three stems, I am wondering if that is normal or whether it is actually three plants together. The person who sold it to me didn't know.

I have never grown tomatoes before so any advice is appreciated.

Has anyone grown 'Herald' as information seems to be sparse? I suppose it is very late as well but I hope not too late altogether!




Need to see the base of the plant to know if it might be three separate plants. It's quite possible of course. You could select the best stem and cut away the other two or just leave them as an experiment. Don't try and separate though as it's too late and would just damage them.

27 Jun, 2010

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