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By Hollie

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

Please could you advise me - I have two acacia dealbata plants, planted 3 years ago. They grow very well, plenty of foliage, but have never flowered. Is there something I should be doing/feeding them to encourage this?

On plant Acacia dealbata



Acacea dealbata grows into a fair sized tree and normally wouldn't start to flower until around five years or more so I wouldn't be too concerned. The only concern is where are you going to put them? This last cold winter would have killed them outdoors.

A friends parents used to have a large one in Blyth, but of course they are next to the coast and even though it's the north sea, it never drops below 4 degrees in the winter so air moving across it keeps the coastal strip relatively mild.

27 Jun, 2010


Thanks, Fractal - now I know not to worry! The plants are already living outside, in the ground, and are each about 4' tall now. We were told they would be compact bushes, winter-flowering... I am in Whitley Bay, so also very near the North Sea coast. Although last winter was severe, we had very little frost, and not very much snow compared to what surrounding areas had. They seemed to fare much worse in Northumberland, and Durham, and missed this bit out!!

Appreciate your help - happy gardening to you! 'Hollie'.

28 Jun, 2010

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