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we have recently planted a liquidambar styraciflua, the leaves are starting to turn yellow, are we watering the tree to much



How often are you watering the tree? In hot weather you will need to water every week or so, but obviously a lot less in the dormant season [winter]
Liquidambars are deciduous... could be just losing leaves for early autumn... although it is summer over there I suppose.

26 Jun, 2010


new trees do need watering regularly but should not stand in water, I have trees that were planted about february and am watering them every couple of days as it is extremly warm here with warm winds but if its cold & grey less so but will still water regularly

26 Jun, 2010


Liquidambar styraciflua in native to wet, sometimes even swampy locations in the US, so it's highly unlikely that you are over-watering. Yours could be reacting to a change in the soil, since you have only recently planted it, or it might be objecting to a fertilizer or compost - they don't like alkaline conditions for instance, including chicken manure and lots of commercial potting composts. If it was in a shady location previously, and is now receiving lots more sunlight then it might be suffering from leaf-scorch (sunburn, effectively) Of course some varieties of L. styraciflua are actually golden-leafed too.

26 Jun, 2010

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