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hi there have bit of a problem ... i planted lots of tulips and daffs in my garden borders now they have finished and the leaves can be cut back i would like to leave the bulbs in situ will they be ok anb flower next year . the only problem now is planting perennials because i cant remove bulbs to make room for them as i think i would damage them if i plant perennials over the bulbs will the bulbs manage to grow through them next spring ... new to gardening and am worried that the plants will suffer ... thanks for any advise alison



The bulbs will come up where they can. Decide on a plan for planting and if you actually come across bulbs whilst digging the holes - think where best to replant them - so that they will compliment your perennials. Also keep the plan and name the plants on it. Then if you don't like labels - or they get lost (which they always do!) you still have a plan to know where everything is. Some plants disappear completely in winter and it is easy to forget whats there and try to shoehorn something else on top!!

29 Jun, 2010


thanks thats great idea about plan will do that .. have just felt overwhelmed by it all so havent done much planting they are quite large beds in the front either side of the drive so am having to get out of my wheelchair and haul myself onto the soil and plant that way .at least its dry and warm much better than wet and freezing when i was planting out daffs and tulips in the late autumn and getting snowed on .
thanks alison

... wot i need is a garden assistant someone able bodied will have to get my friends to help altho none of them really interested in gardening . maybe i could give them a gentle bite and they would get the gardening bug that way hahaha

8 Jul, 2010

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